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Variability in Azure Data Factory pipeline run times and how Azure region load affects them?

Azure Data Factory is a powerful tool, offering a vast range of possibilities, though it can be a bit intricate in terms of pricing and architecture. It’s very dear to me, as I appreciate it for many improvements and conveniences compared to its ancestor, SQL Server Integration Services. However, yearsCzytaj dalej / Read more

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Exporting data to PARQUET file and ADLS Gen2 using Azure Synapse Serverless

Exporting query data is quite simple as one-two-three: One: define your file format

  Two: define your file location (note: you should have read/write/list permission the path)

    Three: Create external table in particular location, using format and path from previous steps:

  Took 43sec toCzytaj dalej / Read more

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Azure Bastion – creating proper NSG rules

Just in case someone came across a problem defining proper nsg rules for Azure Bastion… Well, here they are: Works like a charm 😀 And below the ARM for it:


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Azure Databricks deployment and error: SubnetMissingRequiredDelegation – VNet injection problem

The problem Are you surprised by the following error messages? Resource Microsoft.Databricks/workspaces [workspacename] failed with message : ResourceDeploymentFailure SubnetMissingRequiredDelegation Failed to prepare subnet. Please try again later? Sure, I was too 🙂 So, what the heck is going on? May I ask if you have used the benefits of theCzytaj dalej / Read more

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SSAS database info (db size, partition size, processing status etc.)

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