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Exporting data to PARQUET file and ADLS Gen2 using Azure Synapse Serverless

Exporting query data is quite simple as one-two-three: One: define your file format CREATE EXTERNAL FILE FORMAT parquetfile1 WITH ( FORMAT_TYPE = PARQUET, DATA_COMPRESSION = ‘’ );   Two: define your file location (note: you should have read/write/list permission the path) CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE ADLS_DS WITH( LOCATION = ‘abfss://’)Czytaj dalej / Read more

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Azure Bastion – creating proper NSG rules

Just in case someone came across a problem defining proper nsg rules for Azure Bastion… Well, here they are: Works like a charm 😀 And below the ARM for it: { “$schema”: “”, “contentVersion”: “”, “parameters”: { “projectPrefix”: { “type”: “string”, “metadata”: { “description”: “Prefix for the name of resources.”Czytaj dalej / Read more

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Azure Databricks deployment and error: SubnetMissingRequiredDelegation – VNet injection problem

The problem Are you surprised by the following error messages? Resource Microsoft.Databricks/workspaces [workspacename] failed with message : ResourceDeploymentFailure SubnetMissingRequiredDelegation Failed to prepare subnet. Please try again later? Sure, I was too 🙂 So, what the heck is going on? May I ask if you have used the benefits of theCzytaj dalej / Read more

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SSAS database info (db size, partition size, processing status etc.)

Source:   slightly modified param($ServerName = “localhost”, $dbname = “db_name”) ## Add the AMO namespace $loadInfo = [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.AnalysisServices”) $server = New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server $server.connect($ServerName) if ($ -eq $null) { Write-Output (“Server ‘{0}’ not found” -f $ServerName) break } foreach ($d in $server.Databases ) { if ($d.Name -ne $dbname) { continue;Czytaj dalej / Read more

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“Internal error: An unexpected exception occurred.” when trying to filter simple dimension that has ragged parent-child hierarchy in multidimensional model.

Platform: SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 RTM and later (Multidimensional)   In one of our projects, we encountered an interesting problem related to parameter filtering on one of our reports (SSRS). However, we would like to make sure that no mistake has been made before it hits as a bugCzytaj dalej / Read more

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Uploading files to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 from PowerShell using REST API, OAuth 2.0 bearer token and Access Control List (ACL) privileges

  Introduction In my previous article “Connecting to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 from PowerShell using REST API – a step-by-step guide“, I showed and explained the connection using access keys. As you probably know, access key grants a lot of privileges. In fact, your storage account key is similarCzytaj dalej / Read more