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Session statistics – statystyki sesji cpu memory itp

SELECT sys.dm_exec_sessions.session_id AS [SESSION ID] , DB_NAME(su.database_id) AS [DATABASE Name] , host_name AS [System Name] , program_name AS [Program Name] , login_name AS [USER Name] , status , cpu_time AS [CPU TIME (in milisec)] , total_scheduled_time AS [Total Scheduled TIME (in milisec)] , total_elapsed_time AS [Elapsed TIME (in milisec)] ,Czytaj dalej / Read more

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Wykorzystanie pamięci przez bazy i obiekty – memory consumption

–sprawdzanie baz DECLARE @total_buffer INT; SELECT @total_buffer = cntr_value FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters WHERE RTRIM([object_name]) LIKE '%Buffer Manager’ AND counter_name = 'Total Pages’; ; WITH src AS ( SELECT database_id , db_buffer_pages = COUNT_BIG(*) FROM sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors –WHERE database_id BETWEEN 5 AND 32766 GROUP BY database_id ) SELECT [db_name] = CASE [database_id] WHENCzytaj dalej / Read more